This filter lets you register custom meta fields to show up in the Contact Fields list. From there you can map them to a field in your CRM, and sync data either manually using push_user_meta() or automatically by registering the field using wpf_watched_meta_fields.

To use the code examples below, add them to your active theme’s functions.php file.


  • $fields: An array of fields to add


The example below will add a new field for sync with key primary_membership.

function add_custom_meta_field( $meta_fields ) {

	$meta_fields['primary_membership'] = array(
		'label' => 'Membership',
		'type'  => 'text',
		'group' => 'wordpress',

	return $meta_fields;


add_filter( 'wpf_meta_fields', 'add_custom_meta_field' );

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