WP Fusion uses the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to search for records in your Salesforce account.

For example when searching for a contact record by email address, loading the tags or topics for a contact, and applying / removing tags or topics from a contact.

Before WP Fusion executes any Salesforce query, the query is passed through the wpf_salesforce_query_args filter, which allows you to modify the query before it’s sent.


  • $query_args (array): The query arguments
  • $method (string): The API method being performed
  • $searchfield (string): The value being searched for

The default query arguments, by method, are:

Method: get_contact_id

array( "q" => "SELECT Id from Contact WHERE Email = '{$email_address}'" )

Method: get_topics

array( "q" => "SELECT TopicId from TopicAssignment WHERE EntityId = '{$contact_id}'" );

Method: load_contacts

array( "q" => "SELECT EntityId from TopicAssignment WHERE TopicId = '{$topic_id}'" );


#Use a custom email field for contact lookups

By default WP Fusion uses the Email field for looking up a contact ID. This example changes that lookup field to a custom field on a custom object type, Email__c:

function custom_wpf_query_args( $query_args, $method, $searchfield ) {

	if ( 'get_contact_id' == $method ) {

		// In this case the $searchfield is the email address we're trying to get the contact ID of
		// The default value of wp_fusion()->crm->object_type is Contact

		$query_args['q'] = "SELECT Id from {wp_fusion()->crm->object_type} WHERE Email__c = '{$searchfield}'";


	return $query_args;

add_filter( 'wpf_salesforce_query_args', 'custom_wpf_query_args', 10, 3 );

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