GamiPress lets you “gamify” your WordPress site by granting achievements based on a wide variety of triggers. WP Fusion integrates with GamiPress to allow you to apply tags to your users when achievements and ranks are earned.


The WP Fusion settings can be found at the bottom of the Achievement Data box while editing an Achievement.

There are two options:

  • Apply tags: These tags will be applied in your CRM when the achievement or badge is earned.
  • Link with tag: This allows you to automatically grant an achievement by applying a tag. The tag is “linked” to the achievement, and if the tag is removed, the achievement will likewise be revoked.


WP Fusion also integrates with the Ranks system in Gamipress. The settings are found when editing any single rank.

Here you can specify tags to be applied in your CRM when the rank is earned.

Syncing points

WP Fusion also allows you to sync a user’s earned Gamipress points to your CRM. You’ll find fields for all of your registered points types in the Contact Fields list, as pictured below.





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