FV Player Integration


WP Fusion’s Media Tools addon includes an integration with FV Player, which allows you to apply tags in your CRM or email marketing platform when:

  • A video is played
  • A video is completed
  • One or more video timecodes are reached


First create a new FV Player video and copy the video shortcode.

Then paste the shortcode into the post or page where you’d like your video displayed.

#Shortcode parameters

WP Fusion’s media engagement tracking with Presto Player is handled via shortcode attributes added to the [fvplayer] shortcode.

Each parameter can accept any number of tags (comma-separated), and you can use tag names or tag IDs interchangeably.

The shortcode parameters are:

  • wpf_tags_start: These tags will be applied when the video is first played
  • wpf_timecode: This is a specific timecode at which you’d like to apply tags, either in seconds, mm:ss, or a percentage
  • wpf_tags_timecode: These tags will be applied at the timecode specified by wpf_timecode
  • wpf_tags_complete: These tags will be applied when the video is complete (when play percentage is greater than 95%)

For example:

[fvplayer id=8912 wpf_tags_start="Video A Play, Media Engagement" wpf_timecode="1:30" wpf_tags_timecode="Watched Half - Video A" wpf_tags_complete="Video A Complete"]

That shortcode would apply the tags Video A Play and Media Engagement when the video is first played, Watched Half – Video A after 90 seconds, and then Video A Complete once the progress had reached 95%.

Or, using percents:

[fvplayer id=8912 wpf_timecode="50%" wpf_tags_timecode="Video A - 50%"]

This shortcode will apply the tag Watched Half – Video A when 50% of the video has been watched.

#Multiple Timecodes

Multiple timecodes can be added in the format wpf_timecode_2="mm:ss" wpf_tags_timecode_2="123,456" where the tags for the second property are a comma separated list of tags to be applied.

For example, to apply tags at 1:20, 1:40, and 2:40, your shortcode would look something like the following:

[fvplayer id=8912 wpf_timecode="1:20" wpf_tags_timecode="Min Twenty" wpf_timecode_2="1:40" wpf_tags_timecode_2="Min Forty" wpf_timecode_3="2:40" wpf_tags_timecode_3="Two Mins Forty"]

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