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Academy LMS integration

Academy LMS (https://wordpress.org/plugins/academy/) has been growing steadily since October 2018 and is now my go-to LMS having moved away from LearnDash. Please could you add this LMS, it's a great product. https://academylms.net/

Accepted Category: Plugin Integrations Louis Ballington shared this idea Updated: February 9, 2024

5 thoughts on “Academy LMS integration”

  1. Adding my vote here – the Academy 2.0 beta is light on its feet in the backend. Will be exploring further as I test LD replacements.

    1. Charlotte Drew

      Does “accepted” mean an integration is planned? I’m seriously debating picking up a lifetime 10 site license for Academy while it’s so discounted – because LMS pricing is totally nuts.

      1. “Accepted” means we’ve checked out the code and an integration is technically possible.

        It looks good, but they still have a pretty low number of users. An integration on our end takes some effort so we want to make sure we’ll have at least a few paying customers who find it valuable.

        We did MasterStudy as a training exercise for a new developer, but at the moment only one customer is using it, so that’s the kind of thing we try to avoid 😅

        1. Charlotte Drew

          Completely understood. I took the Academy 10 site license, and I’m rolling it on 3 sites for now. I’m optimistic (and have fairly low expectations). 😎 Fingers crossed. Thanks for the response.

  2. Charlotte Drew

    Let me just add that I’ve spent some time in the last week with both AcademyLMS and MasterStudy, including in their docs and speaking with their support. One one hand I can see why AcademyLMS hasn’t been integrated yet, and on the other hand it’s issues are remarkably similar to MasterStudy’s issue – and it’s been integrated. So overall I think AcademyLMS is still worthy of an WPFusion integration. Academy’s v2 rewrite is planned to be fully released next week.

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