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Add a "Disconnect CRM" button to the setup page

I would like to have a "Disconnect CRM" button to be put on the Settings > Setup page. This is different from the "Reset" checkbox on the Advanced page. The "Disconnect CRM" would only remove the CRM connection but keep all other settings as currently defined. This would be useful when needing to test / switch CRMs but wanting to keep all of the other settings as is. It would even be helpful when needing to disconnect / reconnect CRM when the API keys are refreshed. The problem with the "Reset" option is that it sets all of the other settings to default, such as Administrator bypass, and filter settings and then you have to go back in an reconfigure all those options, and hopefully remember what they were set to.

Under Review Category: Core Feature Enhancements Norm Sash shared this idea Updated: April 26, 2024

2 thoughts on “Add a "Disconnect CRM" button to the setup page”

  1. The problem is that a lot of the settings *do* depend on the CRM. For example the tags, field mappings, site tracking, optin settings.

    A “Reset only the settings that relate to this CRM” button or something is one solution 🤔

    I obviously switch platforms a lot, there are filters to pre-set any setting. For example on my local site I use

    add_filter( ‘wpf_get_setting_hide_additional’, ‘__return_true’ );
    add_filter( ‘wpf_get_setting_exclude_admins’, ‘__return_false’ );
    add_filter( ‘wpf_get_setting_access_key’, function() {
    return ‘KEY’;
    } );

    Does that help in the meantime?

  2. Hey Jack, sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, filters will certainly help with this… I need to implement them.

    This request is really more for developers / freelancers who may be switching CRMs on a regular basis. Normal users generally won’t be needing this, though on the one occasion where they do switch CRMs, it could be quite beneficial.

    Many of the CRM dependent settings are intuitively known to be CRM dependent. For example field mapping.

    It’s really the ‘non-intuitive’ settings that mess me up. Things like Admin override. I figure that’s a setting that is not CRM dependent so I have in the past forgot to set it back to the custom setting every time I switch CRMs.

    Maybe a solution for a “Disconnect CRM” button on the Setup tab would be to disconnect the CRM and only reset the CRM dependent settings. Leave all the other settings such as Admin Override, Create Contacts, Per Post Messages, etc. intact.

    And then maybe put a “persistent” icon or color in the UI on the settings that would not be reset on CRM disconnect. Or vise-versa putting some notation on settings that would be reset on CRM disconnect. Another way to say that would be to put an indicator on settings fields that are CRM dependent. Then we would know which ones we have to pay particular attention to upon switching CRMs.

    Anyway, this isn’t urgent as we can always use the filters (as long as we remember to put the filters in.)

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