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Add Custom Restricted Message To Taxonomies

As a site admin, I want to enhance my users experience when they hit protected content by giving them targeted messaging and actions based on the content they are trying to view. This would allow me to encourage users to take specific actions relevant to the type of content they are accessing.

Currently, restrict content messages can either be set globally for the whole site, which can be overridden on an individual post by post basis. But you cannot currently set a unique message for an entire category of posts, or any other taxonomy. This means that I either need to be satisfied with a generic restricted message, or override every single message one by one on each post, or alternatively use custom code to override the message on a per-taxonomy basis which would prevent site admins from having access to edit the content.

I would love to see an enhancement to taxonomy meta settings to allow a custom restrict content message to be set for a whole category (or other custom taxonomy) and also for a new setting to allow a custom message to override the global redirect settings so I can still use global access rules for all other content and only override a taxonomy when I want to set that custom message.

Accepted Category: Core Feature Enhancements Jason Broderick shared this idea Updated: January 25, 2024

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