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Enhance information when there is an issue with tags

While trying to migrate CRMs, I’ve run across an enhancement that would definately help in the migration, and will likely be beneficial in general. When viewing a WP posts list, there is a WPF icon that shows tag rules when hovered. If there is a problem, that issue is also displayed in the hover box (e.g. “Unknown tag: xxxx”). So first, it would be nice to have the icon automatically show in red if there is an issue discovered. That would be generally beneficial as a visual scan of the icons would indicate there is a problem. Second, though the hover box shows that there is an issue, there is no corresponding indication of the issue in the edit post panel. It would be nice to see what the issue is there also. See https://share.zight.com/wbuBpdyy There might not be anything that can be done for my immediate use as I’m very close to trying to do the migration, but it would still be a useful feature to have.

Completed Category: Core Feature Enhancements Norm Sash shared this idea Updated: March 26, 2024

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