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GeoDirectory Integration

Integration with GeoDirectory (apply tags when listing is approved).

Completed Category: Plugin Integrations Jens Hartmann shared this idea Updated: October 23, 2023

6 thoughts on “GeoDirectory Integration”

  1. Jason Carletti

    This would be a huge help as GeoDirectory does not integrate with any CRMs. I don’t believe they have any plans to integrate either.

    We’re working with devs at wpapps.com but it’s still pretty glitchy.

    Please help!

  2. This is also why I requested UsersWP integration since I want to use it with GeoDirectory. UsersWP is from the same developpers. This integration is realy great if it can be built since there is not realy an integration with a directory plugin by WPFusion.

  3. We’ve just tested out GeoDirectory and since it uses the standard WordPress registration form, new users are already being synced to the CRM.

    What additional level of integration did you have in mind? For example… apply a tag when a listing is posted? When a listing is approved? Anything else in addition?

  4. Can you add the “apply a tag when a listing is approved” feature?
    Is it possible to sync contact details for users with a certain tag in the CRM to Geodirectory? So if I have a certain user base in mind that I invite to publish their profile in an e.g. alumni directory of our academy, I would give them a tag in ActiveCampaign as alumni-invitation and then those are synced to Geodirectory / WP users so they don’t have to re-enter all their details again.

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