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Gravity Form single entry, re-sync individual entry to ActiveCampaign

Is there any way to force a 'Gravity Form entries' sync? Like a resync Gravity Form Entry button within the single entry?
Every so often ActiveCampaign has a service issue when we are sending Gravity Form entries from WP, we get the following error in the WP Fusion log :
"Error while performing method update_contact: Error performing ActiveCampaign API call contact_edit. Response:
We are currently having some issues. Please check back soon. 429"
If I click Batch Operation 'Gravity Form entries' to try to send the entry that failed to sync, I get the message from WP Fusion "No eligible Entries found. Aborting…"
We have a number of Gravity Form entries that are slowly building.
What do you think?

Completed Category: Core Feature Enhancements David Stark shared this idea Updated: March 22, 2021

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