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Heartbeat.chat community Integration

Heartbeat.chat is a community building solution (competitor to Circle) and brings a lot of functionality to one platform. The biggest thing holding me back from migrating a community there is how to integrate it with the rest of my site. WP Fusion could potentially solve this 🙂 API docs: https://heartbeat.readme.io/reference/authorization

Declined Category: Plugin Integrations Tyler Yanta shared this idea Updated: January 23, 2024

2 thoughts on “Heartbeat.chat community Integration”

  1. In terms of API integrations we can only really integrate with CRM or email marketing systems.

    The reason is, say you wanted to use WP Fusion to connect Heartbeat to ActiveCampaign. Every change in Heartbeat would need to ping your WordPress site, load the data, and then sync it onwards to ActiveCampaign.

    This slows down your site and it’s really easy for things to get out of sync.

    For connecting multiple cloud platforms, something like Zapier or Make is generally better. But if you want to go the WordPress route you could try WP Webhooks https://wp-webhooks.com/

  2. Thanks for the reply, Jack.

    I guess the scenario I was thinking about was member signup/subscription change, etc. > CRM.

    Also, I I think I’d rather use WooCommerce/WooSubscriptions to manage payment in WP instead of within their platform so all customer data resides in one place (but have since found their docs on setting this up).

    As always, thanks for the explanation and recommendation of wp-webhooks. Hadn’t come across that solution before but can see a lot of uses for it!

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