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JetEngine – Sync User Meta Fields with Contact Fields

Allow us to see and sync User Meta fields from JetEngine (https://crocoblock.com/knowledge-base/jetengine/jetengine-how-to-apply-meta-boxes-to-users/) with the CRM through the Contact Fields page settings. This will allow the ability to easily create membership sites with WPFusion and JetEngine because you can quickly compile custom meta fields info into the CRM.

Accepted Category: Core Feature Enhancements Devyn Brugge shared this idea Updated: November 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “JetEngine – Sync User Meta Fields with Contact Fields”

    1. No updates at the moment. We’ve confirmed it’s possible, but so far only two people have voted, so we’re working on other feature requests.

      We’ll keep an eye on the interest and update the status here when we have any progress.

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