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“Order is created” and “Order is updated” triggers for ActiveCampaign

Add an integration with the new GraphQL API (https://developers.activecampaign.com/reference/about-the-graphql-api) to trigger the Order Created and Order Updated triggers based on order status changes in WordPress.

From ActiveCampaign:

  1. “Is there no way to update an order status using the REST API?” No, not if you want to be able to utilize custom order statuses and be able to utilize the Order Created and Order Updated triggers. This requires the use of GraphQL endpoints. You won’t have to stop utilizing the deep data endpoints – these can still be used for syncing customer data and abandoned cart data which would trigger the standard triggers we already have in place (the Makes a Purchase and Abandons a Cart triggers).
  2. “Are there any resources available to explain when the REST vs GraphQL APIs should be used?” Currently, no. We don’t have anything formal around when to use each API, but our engineers do recommend defaulting to the GraphQL API if possible because that is going to give far more flexibility than REST. The GraphQL API isn’t completely different from the REST one. We still use the same auth structure, return JSON, etc. I have also requested if this is something our development team can put together and add along side our existing documentation here (https://developers.activecampaign.com/reference/about-the-graphql-api) as I know there’s not much in here to help users determine when one should be used in place of the other.
  3. “Does the GraphQL API completely replace the Deep Data API or are there still some methods that can only be achieved via REST (i.e. opening connections…? creating carts and customers…?)” No, this won’t completely replace the Deep Data API. The REST API will still be used for establishing connections and abandoned carts. For creating customers you can also use the REST API if you’re creating them without orders, but the GraphQL orders endpoint will create a customer with the order if a customer record doesn’t already exist.
  4. “Is ActiveCampaign in general moving away from REST towards GraphQL? We’ve had some disappointing experiences with the older api.php API being essentially abandoned (even though you say it’s supported), and so if AC is now moving away from REST for future APIs, this would be good for us to get ahead of before it causes more problems for our customers.” There aren’t plans to move away from our REST API. The GraphQL endpoints are mainly in place for our ecommerce integrations and at this time there are no plans to extend that further.
Planned Category: Enhanced Ecommerce Jack Arturo shared this idea Updated: February 29, 2024

1 thought on ““Order is created” and “Order is updated” triggers for ActiveCampaign”

  1. It would be great to see the Order status features added to the deep data e-commerce for ActiveCampaign Plus and above users.

    Thanks Jack and the team for going the extra mile on this.

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