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Pass checkout page URL to Drip Shopper API

We often offer the same woocommerce product on different checkout pages or funnels (in our case, we use funnelkit/woofunnels). Currently, the data sent via the enhanced e-commerce add-on only sends the product information but no data about the checkout that the order originated from. If you guys passed the cart URL would be extremely helpful to segment people in our CRM based on the checkout/funnel they purchased from — one example use case is running split tests on the same product with 2 different checkout layouts/designs.

You guys already do something similar via the abandoned cart add-on, where you pass the ‘cart_url’ value.

The Drip Shopper API allows passing custom attributes in the payload (https://developer.drip.com/#sapi-create-or-update-order), and you guys already previously released an update that passes the coupon and payment processor data this way.

Completed Category: Enhanced Ecommerce Thomas Griffith shared this idea Updated: November 8, 2023

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