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Planning Center – Church ChMS

I would love to see more connections to church management softwares. I think a great one to start with would be Planning Center https://www.planningcenter.com/church-center

Under Review Category: CRM Integrations Tim McGee shared this idea Updated: July 20, 2023

1 thought on “Planning Center – Church ChMS”

  1. It doesn’t look like it’s currently possible to add a Person to a tag or list over the API (https://developer.planning.center/docs/#/apps/people/2023-03-21/vertices/person). It seems like lists are dynamic, based on criteria, and can’t be set manually (for example after a WooCommerce purchase).

    Without being able to segment people, WP Fusion’s functionality would be limited.

    Do you know if there’s a way to manually segment or tag People records in Planning Center?

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