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Quiz and Survey Master integration (QSM)

Quiz and Survey Master integration (https://quizandsurveymaster.com/) to support applying tags when quizzes are passed and failed, as well as syncing quiz points and scores to custom fields in the CRM.

Accepted Category: Plugin Integrations Jack Arturo shared this idea Updated: February 5, 2024

2 thoughts on “Quiz and Survey Master integration (QSM)”

  1. This would be very helpful for those looking to integrate quiz and surveys into their site, while also providing some aspects of LMS-related functionality (without actually needing an LMS). I am personally moving to this and away from an LMS-based quiz add on. It’s functionally much richer than what (I assume) most LMS addons will provide and, with a WPFusion integration, could be very neat.

  2. This would be incredibly helpful for us as well, since we want our members to see their results in their personal dashboard via ACF rather than having to enter each person’s results manually.

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