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StudioCart Integration

Add new integration for StudioCart https://studiocart.co/

Completed Category: Plugin Integrations LevelUp Support shared this idea Updated: December 19, 2022

10 thoughts on “StudioCart Integration”

  1. Matthias Loeffel

    Yay! Studiocart.co is currently on AppSumo (featured) and this truly looks like a serious contender to CartFlows and WooCommerce (funnel building). I have just bought it, and it would be super spectacular to have this supported (like adding tags after purchase, refund, cancellation…, just as it is possible in WooCommerce products).
    Please check it out and consider supporting it 🙂

  2. Yes! StudioCart can be a truly awesome tool for e-commerce sites, since it does not require WooCoomerce. So it’s like ,CartFlows but it can handles products, payments and subscriptions on its own!

    Great potential, if well executed.

    1. We try not to integrate with anything that has been on AppSumo until a year after the deal ends… we’ve had some problems in the past with companies going out of business.

      So we’ll probably check this out again around August or September.

  3. Yes! I’ve had Studiocart since Dec 2020 – before the AppSumo LTD. Very responsive developer who is committed to the product.

    1. Fair enough, it has been a year 😀

      Just checked it out and it looks like an integration will work. I don’t have an ETA but we’ll get on it soon-ish. We’ve got about 4 other integrations pending and then we can start on this one, so probably within a month or two.

  4. Has anyone recently told you you are awesome? Thanks again, support is amazing as always. Looking forward to it!

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