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Tracking BunnyNet Embedded Player

Hi, Could you pls add bunny net embedded player intehration? Like vimeo and youtube? Their player is quite good and service is very versatile

Completed Category: Media Tools Halil Gungormus shared this idea Updated: March 21, 2024

11 thoughts on “Tracking BunnyNet Embedded Player”

  1. Considering that Presto Player cannot stream via Airplay and the bunny.net native player can (plus probably has more security features, as I don’t think DRM works with Presto) this is a must have, else we’ll lose tracking.

  2. thanks for the update Jack, is it also possible to add “continue where you left off” feature ? Can WPF do this? It’d be wonderful feature if it’s possible.

  3. I would assume that “play where you left off” would be something that the Bunny.net player integrates, not WPF since they have nothing to do with that.

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