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WISDM LearnDash Groups Integration

Add an integration with the WISDM LearnDash Groups plugin, similar to the Uncanny LearnDash Groups integration.

Completed Category: Plugin Integrations Jack Arturo shared this idea Updated: May 8, 2021

2 thoughts on “WISDM LearnDash Groups Integration”

  1. Alexander Tolmeijer

    Would love this! This is what I received from support
    “when a user is enrolled into a group, you can make use of the following hooks
    ldgr_action_existing_user_enroll – This hook is used when an existing user is enrolled into a group from the groups’ dashboard page.
    ldgr_filter_new_user_details – This hook is used after a newly created user is created and enrolled into a group from the groups’ dashboard page.
    Both the hooks are located in the ld-group-registration/modules/classes/class-ld-group-registration-groups.php file.”

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