Welcome to 2016, and Our New Website!

This January we’re celebrating the first birthday of WP Fusion, and it’s been an exciting year! We started out quite simply… we just wanted to make it a little easier to run a membership site on WordPress, but we didn’t realize how much more was possible.

Many people have written in with suggestions for new features and integrations, some even contributing their own code, and now we’ve grown beyond just memberships into supporting eCommerce, community forums, learning management systems, and form builders.

As the plugin has grown, it was getting more and more complicated to manage all of these integrations. So, we’ve spent the last month re-writing the entire thing from scratch. WP Fusion is now more efficient, more powerful, and easier to extend.

We’ll be continuing to expand our list of supported plugin integrations over the next year, but we’re also no longer going to limit ourselves to just Infusionsoft. Now that we’ve restructured everything to be modular, it’s easy for us (and other developers) to create new API integrations that will bring all of our existing features to other CRMs.

We’ll be launching WP Fusion 2.0 in just a couple of weeks, with support for Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign from the beginning. We’re also currently working on integrations for Ontraport and Zoho CRM. If you’d like to see your CRM added, drop us a feature request through our new support ticket system.

Here’s to an exciting year to come!

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