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It’s easy to connect LearnDash to HubSpot with WP Fusion, and requires zero coding experience.

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LearnDash is one of the most popular WordPress plugins to help you create online courses.

LearnDash helps you create course content and restrict access, but it doesn’t include a ton of marketing or segmentation features, which is probably why you’re using HubSpot alongside LearnDash.

With WP Fusion, you can connect LearnDash to HubSpot to help you create targeted segments and optimize your marketing efforts.

WP Fusion creates a LearnDash — HubSpot integration in several different ways. You can:

  • Apply HubSpot tags based on student actions.
  • Restrict access to courses, lessons, or topics based on a user’s tags in HubSpot.
  • Automatically enroll a user in a course or add them to a LearnDash group when you add a tag to that user in HubSpot.
  • Sync answers from a quiz in LearnDash to custom fields in HubSpot.

Setting up HubSpot with LearnDash and WordPress is easy. All you do is install WP Fusion and authorize your WordPress site with HubSpot:

Then, you can start setting up your LearnDash — HubSpot integration.

WP Fusion will automatically add new students to HubSpot, and you can also set up a number of other features to help you segment your students.

Apply Tags Based on Student Actions

One of the most powerful features in the HubSpot — LearnDash integration is the ability to tag users in HubSpot based on actions they take in your course.

For example, you can apply new tags when a user:

  • Starts a course, lesson, or topic.
  • Completes a course, lesson, or topic.
  • Passes or fails a quiz.


You can also use tags to track a user’s course progress, like the last lesson or course that they’ve completed.

By applying these tags, you can create laser-focused segments and set up marketing automation to create a better experience and sell more courses.

Restrict Access

With WP Fusion, you can also restrict access to course content using tags in HubSpot.

You can restrict access to courses, lessons, and topics and automatically redirect users without the required tags to another page (like your sales page).

Automatic Enrollment

You can automatically enroll a student in a course or LearnDash group just by applying a tag to that user in HubSpot.

Once you link a course or group with a tag from HubSpot, users will automatically be added to that course/group when the tag is applied:

WP Fusion's LearnDash course settings
Auto-enroll users into courses and memberships by applying tags in HubSpot.

If you remove that tag in HubSpot, users will automatically be un-enrolled.

With WP Fusion, you can optimize both your course and marketing efforts by connecting LearnDash to HubSpot.

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