How to Connect HubSpot to WordPress


In this video, you will learn how to install WP Fusion and set up a direct connection to your HubSpot account.

To get started install and activate the plugin, then navigate to settings -> WP Fusion.

From the ‘Select Your CRM’ dropdown choose ‘HubSpot’.

To enable the connection we need to authorize with HubSpot and generate access keys for your website.

Choose an ‘Account’

WP Fusion will now establish a direct connection to your HubSpot account and import your lists and custom fields.

To finalize the process click on ‘Save Changes’.

#Marketing contacts

In HubSpot, only contacts tagged as marketing contacts can receive marketing emails and be targeted with ads.

In order to send marketing emails to contacts in Marketing Hub, you’ll first need to enable marketing contacts for the WP Fusion app.

All new marketing contacts will count towards your billable contact tier limit.

Enable marketing contacts for the WP Fusion integration in HubSpot

First head to Settings » Integrations » Marketing Contacts. Next to the WP Fusion app, click the toggle to enable syncing contacts as marketing contacts.

Note: Only contacts created after the toggle has been switched on will be created as marketing contacts. Learn how to set existing contacts as marketing contacts manually in bulk or via workflows

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