Using WP Fusion and LearnDash, you can automatically add students to your CRM of choice when they register on your site. You can also restrict access to course content, apply tags based on progress, and use tags as automated triggers for course enrollment.

Courses, Lessons, & Topics

You can restrict access to Courses, Lessons, and Topics based on a user’s CRM tags, and redirect them to another page (like a sales page) if they don’t have the required tags.

You can also apply tags to a user when they’ve begun a course, lesson, or topic, and likewise when it has been marked complete.

See the screenshot below for an example of the options WP Fusion offers you when configuring a LearnDash course or lesson:

For more information on restricting access to content and the main WP Fusion meta box, see the documentation here.

Course-specific settings / Auto-enrollment

WP Fusion also adds some options specific to LearnDash courses. You can find these on the Settings panel when editing any course, in the Course Access Settings box:

There are two settings here:

  • Apply tags – Enrolled:  These tags will be applied to a user when they are enrolled in the course, either manually, via a free signup, or another plugin integration. They will not be removed if the student is removed from the course, and they do not affect automated enrollments.
  • Link with tag: Using this setting you can “link” a tag in your CRM with a LearnDash course. When this tag is applied, the user will automatically be enrolled in the course. If the tag is removed, the user will be un-enrolled.Likewise if the user is enrolled in the course (either manually or via a purchase) the linked tag will be applied, and if a user is removed from the course the linked tag will be removed.
Note: If you use an auto-enrollment tag, you should set the course price type to “Closed” to prevent users from getting automatically enrolled when they register. It’s also not necessary to use “Restrict access to this course” if the course type is Closed.
Note: Auto-enrollments are triggered when a user’s tags are modified or loaded from your CRM. Just setting a linked tag on a course will not automatically enroll everyone who has that tag. To trigger a refresh of your users’ tags (and any automated enrollments) you can run a Resync Tags operation from Settings » WP Fusion » Advanced » Batch Operations.
Note: WP Fusion only allows you to use a single linked tag for auto-enrollment into courses. For more info on this see the FAQ



WP Fusion also allows you to track LearnDash quiz engagement, by applying tags when a quiz is passed or failed. See the screenshot below for an example of the options.


Quiz Questions

Using WP Fusion you can sync the answers to individual quiz questions to custom fields in your CRM. This can be configured within the WP Fusion meta box when editing any single quiz question.



WP Fusion also supports linking a tag with a LearnDash Group. When this tag is applied, the user will automatically be added to the group. If the tag is removed, the user will be removed from the group.



WP Fusion allows you to automatically tag students in your CRM when they upload an assignment to a LearnDash lesson.

This setting appears when editing any lesson where assignment uploads are enabled.


Meta Fields

WP Fusion enables syncing a student’s progress to custom fields in your CRM. This can be configured under Settings » WP Fusion » Contact Fields.

WP Fusion adds two “pseudo” fields, Last Lesson Completed and Last Course Completed. These are found under the LearnDash Progress heading.

If these fields are enabled, the title of the last lesson or course completed will be synced to a custom field in your CRM when the content is marked complete.

You can use these fields to track progress in your CRM and potentially reduce the number of tags that need to be applied to a contact.

Batch Operations

WP Fusion includes a batch processing tool to retroactively apply tags in your CRM based on each user’s current course enrollments in LearnDash. This is found at Settings » WP Fusion » Advanced » Batch Tools.

When you run the LearnDash course enrollment statuses operation, WP Fusion will check the current course enrollments for each user on your site, and apply any tags configured for that course.

This will not apply any tags if the user is enrolled in a course as part of a LearnDash Group. We will be added a LearnDash groups enrollment statuses operation in a future update.

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