Deleting Users via Webhooks


WP Fusion doesn’t include any built in functionality for deleting WordPress users. Since deleted users can’t be recovered, we wouldn’t want to be responsible for any accidental deletion of your data.

However there are some scenarios where you may need to automatically delete WordPress users as part of an automation or field change in your CRM. There are two ways to do that.

#Via applying a tag

This code runs whenever a user’s tags are loaded from the CRM, either via a webhook or a Resync Tags batch operation.

If the tag REMOVE USER is applied to the contact in your CRM, the user will be permanently deleted.

#Via updating a field

If you’re using Salesforce or a CRM that doesn’t make much use of tags, you can also do the same thing by updating a field value.

This code runs when user metadata is loaded from the CRM, and if the “role” field is enabled for sync and the role is “deleted”, the user will be deleted.

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