White Labelling WP Fusion


There may be cases where you want to rename WP Fusion in the WordPress admin, for example on a client website or as part of a WaaS.

All of WP Fusion’s strings can be modified using the gettext filter. The texdomain for WP Fusion is wp-fusion.

The textdomain for the addon plugins can be found at the top of each plugin’s main PHP file (for example wp-fusion-logins for the Logins Addon).


In this example we’ve renamed WP Fusion to “CRM Integration”:

The code snippet is:

function white_label_wp_fusion( $translation, $text, $domain ) {

	if ( 'wp-fusion' === $domain ) {
		$translation = str_replace( 'WP Fusion', 'CRM Integration', $translation );

	return $translation;

add_filter( 'gettext', 'white_label_wp_fusion', 10, 3 );

#White labelling the CRM

It’s also possible to rename the connected CRM, in addition to (or instead of) renaming WP Fusion. This can be achieved with the wp_fusion_init_crm action.

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