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Add Team ID As Custom Field (Teams for WooCommerce Memberships)

For the “Teams for WooCommerce Memberships” plugin… While “Memberships for Teams Role” and “Memberships for Teams Team Name” are already available as fields (Plus the Membership Status, Plan Name, and Expiration Date), there is one more field that ideally gets added: Field Name: Memberships for Teams Team ID (following the same naming convention already established) This is absolutely critical due to two primary reasons: 1) The Names of a Team are not unique to each team. Meaning, multiple teams can have the same name. 2) Team Owners can change the name of a team at any time. So if CRM Segmentations & Automations are based on Team Names alone, it can very easily either cause conflicts or even break completely. That is why “Memberships for Teams Team ID” is essential to be added as Custom Field as it is the only **unique** identifier of Teams. The ID is stored in the user meta as _wc_memberships_for_teams_team_id

Completed Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Runar Fossum shared this idea Updated: April 23, 2024

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