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Add WPF Panel to WC Subscriptions the same as it is in WC Orders

In WC Admin -> Orders there is a WPF panel that shows the sync status, contact ID, and an action to process the WPF actions again.

I would like to see that same panel on WC Subscriptions so that it is easier to see if WPF sync has been performed on the subscription, and to run it if necessary.

Completed Category: CRM Integrations Norm Sash shared this idea Updated: March 21, 2022

5 thoughts on “Add WPF Panel to WC Subscriptions the same as it is in WC Orders”

    1. Thank you, nice addition! I like that you can also directly access the contact record from the box.

      Only additional suggestion I have would be to open the parent order in a new window the same as you do for the contact record. Its not a big deal because the ctl key can always be used.

      It’s just that the two are not consistent… one opens in a new window while the other does not.

      1. It’s a convention to open external links in a new window, but internal links in the same window.

        The “Parent order:” link in the main meta box (left column) opens in the same window, so it’d also be inconsistent for ours to open in a new one…

        Considering Woo already has a link to the parent order on the same page, maybe it’d be better just to have ours show the order ID without a link? That’d solve the consistency problem.

        1. Yeah, I get it. I just noticed it because in at least some cases the CRM isn’t an external link (e.g. when using FluentCRM) so it would be really difficult for you to follow that standard.

          Would it be possible to add the little “new window” icon to the CRM link. For me, that would resolve any confusion.

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