WooCommerce Subscriptions


WP Fusion works with WooCommerce subscriptions to allow you to automatically tag customers in your CRM at purchase, and based on changes in their subscription status.

WP Fusion can also update custom fields on contact records in your CRM with details from their active subscriptions, such as product name, subscription start date, and renewal date..

For more information about the options available with WooCommerce in general, see the WooCommerce documentation.


WP Fusion adds a new settings panel to all WooCommerce products where you can configure tags to be applied at purchase and based on subscription status:

By checking “Remove Tags” you can remove the tags applied at purchase when a subscription is cancelled, put on hold, expires, or is switched. This is useful for revoking access to protected content when a subscription is cancelled.

You can also apply additional tags based on a change in the subscription state, allowing you to trigger followup sequences in your CRM when customers’ subscriptions are cancelled, put on hold, or expire.

Note: For tracking failed payments it’s preferable to use the “Payment Failed” setting instead of “Put on hold”, since subscriptions will temporarily be put on hold as part of the renewal process.

Syncing subscription fields

WP Fusion also lets you sync certain details about a customer’s active subscription to custom fields on their contact record. To set this up, navigate to Settings » WP Fusion » Contact Fields, and scroll down to the WooCommerce Subscriptions section.

Here you can configure custom fields to store the subscription product name, subscription start date, and subscription renewal date.

Note that this is not very effective on sites where customers can have more than one active subscription, since the values will continue to be overwritten.