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Additional tag options for SureCart

Expand options to set/remove tags by product price, product variations, subscriptions, payment plans, etc. This would allow us to better track purchases and refunds in our CRM.

Also: detect custom fields added to SureCart checkout forms and make them available for mapping and syncing.

Also: Update the name detection so it properly uses the customer first/last name instead of generating the name based on the display name.

Planned Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Diane Heller shared this idea Updated: May 13, 2024

11 thoughts on “Additional tag options for SureCart”

  1. At the moment SureCart’s API only supports triggering “integrations” when a product is purchased or refunded.

    We can’t target variations, subscription statuses, payment plans, etc.

    But if SureCart adds support for that we’ll be all over it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jack, thanks for the reply. I brought this to the attention of Adam over at SureCart and he said they will get you what you need!

    Also, I just realized with SureCart purchases the tag is applied and associated with the email but the other info on the checkout page is not carried over such as name and address. Hopefully, you can add the checkout fields as well.

    1. Thanks Diane, that would be great!

      I’ve taken a quick look and we were able to fix the issue of the name not syncing. That change will go out in next week’s update.

      For the addressโ€” what we should really do is detect any fields added to the checkout form (including custom fields) and make them available for sync. I’ve updated this request to include that as well.

  3. Jack, I hope SureCart got you what you need to improve the tagging. I was also wondering if there might be a way to somehow bring in the cost of the product purchases over to Ontraport contact record. It would be amazing if we could track SureCart customer purchase data over time in Ontraport. ie: specific customer spent $XX. Do you know if this might be possible?

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