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Auto-apply WC coupon checkbox

WPF already has an auto-apply for coupons if a tag exists. I would like a slight modification to that. Add a checkbox to auto-apply so that auto-apply is enabled (no tags required). Then, if tags are entered in the existing dialog, only auto-apply if those tags exist.

Under Review Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Norm Sash shared this idea Updated: June 11, 2023

3 thoughts on “Auto-apply WC coupon checkbox”

  1. It might be a little confusing. But I guess we could add a tooltip (?).

    Just so I’m clear, if the box is checked…. everyone on the site gets the discount, regardless of whether or not they’re logged in, in the CRM, or have any tags at all?

    Why not just put the product on sale?

    Or maybe this? https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-auto-coupons/

    I just want to make sure we don’t accidentally cause folks to discount all of their products, for everyone. That’d be a big mess if someone set it up incorrectly.

    1. Hey Jack, thanks for the additional points to ponder…

      Using coupons is somewhat different than putting a product on sale. Just one example would be that coupon usage can be tracked, whereas purchases of on-sale items can’t be tracked in the same way.

      My operational behavior for this idea is somewhat different than what you have described.

      First, an ‘implied’ baseline… if there are tag requirements entered that implies the user has to be logged in (in order to check the tags). I believe that is the same as what you currently have.

      So the conditions are:

      1. Tag requirements entered, box unchecked. By implication, the user must be logged in to check the tags for applying.

      2. Tag requirements entered, box checked. By implication, the user must be logged in to check the tags for applying. Same as #1. Logged out users would not get the coupon because they can’t have the tags validated.

      3. Tag requirements not entered, box checked. Everyone (logged in/out) would get the coupon. There are no tags to validate.

      However, I do see confusion. The way it is set up right now, adding validation tags implies that the user must be logged in. If the checkbox “Auto apply” is added you wouldn’t know what state to initially set the checkbox to.

      You can’t set it to checked because that would then auto-apply a coupon for every coupon that doesn’t have tag conditionals.

      And you can’t set it to unchecked because then it might be confusing to setups that currently have tag conditionals as it may appear that the coupons would not be automatically applied.

      So yeah, the possibility of confusion is real. It’s possible that the confusion might be mitigated by changing the verbiage along with a tooltip. But it would have to be something like “Auto apply to all if tag validation passes”, but that could still be confusing.

      I have been using a couple of plugins similar to the one you suggested, but they don’t quite work (only auto-applied if visiting a specific URL). But I’ll look into the one you mentioned and others and see if I can find something that will satisfy the usage model.

      1. Gotcha, thanks for the details.

        I think in terms of the UI… we’d have to wait for the admin to first load the coupon page, and then set the default checkbox state based on whether or not they had tags previously configured.

        The checkbox then unlocks the tags selector.

        It would be too confusing to have the “Auto apply” box un-checked but still allow tags to be selected, and still auto-apply the coupon.

        We can do that, but there is still a small possibility for a misfire either way…. either an auto-applied coupon stops working, or a regular coupon starts auto-applying when it shouldn’t.

        See if you can do it with another plugin first and if not, we can give this a try. Even if it’s a 0.1% chance of inadvertently granting a discount…. it makes me nervous. We’re running on 21,500 WooCommerce sites at the moment, so that’s still 21.5 very angry customers if we get it wrong 😀

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