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Bulk User Filter – Allow multiple tags to filter by

WordPress: Users List
Allow “Filter by Multiple Tags” instead of just one tag (which is what it is today).


Declined Category: Core Feature Enhancements Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: April 26, 2021

3 thoughts on “Bulk User Filter – Allow multiple tags to filter by”

  1. I am going to decline this because:

    a.) This is how the functionality did work up until late 2020, there was a multi-select tag box for filtering users
    b.) This box frequently got crammed into a tiny spot when other plugins registered their own controls and was often unusable (+ didn’t look good)
    c.) Loading the resources to do a tag multi-select on the Users list slows down the page load, and we had customers complain and ask us to remove that control. 99.99% of the time when you go to that page, you’re not trying to search by tag, so it’s inefficient.

    We can’t go back to how it was before without frustrating the people who asked it to be removed, so the only option would be to add a new option to the main settings that you would have to first turn on before searching for users by multiple tags. Nobody is going to go hunting for that setting since it’s such a niche usecase, so I think it’d only add complexity for very little benefit.

    If you do need to search users by multiple tags, Users Insights would be more appropriate: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/membership/users-insights/

  2. Hi Jack,
    Could you put a link just above the all users list saying “multi tag search”or similar and that could trigger a popup or open up a new window listing all the users again and allowing the multiple tag search?
    That way you only load the multi-tag search code/scripts when someone actually opens that window?

    1. In theory, yeah. Popups aren’t standard in the admin either, so we’d need to load up a popup library. That’s more JS and CSS that 99.9% of people won’t use.

      We can maybe revisit this later but it’s looking like a lot of extra work to solve a problem only a couple of people are having, while slowing down the admin for everyone else. I don’t like situations like that.

      Keep in mind this is possible now with Users Insights: https://usersinsights.com/. You can filter by any number of tags as well as other properties.

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