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Create a Buddypress group when a tag is added to a contact in crm

Use case – Customer purchases a group on buddypress/buddyboss

1. Customer registered as WP user – OK
2. Group created for Customer – ??
3. Customer assigned as Organizer of created group

Under Review Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Dougal Edwards shared this idea Updated: July 17, 2023

2 thoughts on “Create a Buddypress group when a tag is added to a contact in crm”

  1. The difficulty with this is setting the group name.

    If you use Uncanny Groups, for example (https://www.uncannyowl.com/downloads/uncanny-learndash-groups/), then the customer picks the group name as part of checkout. When they check out, the group is created, and they are enrolled.

    We support this plugin as well https://wpfusion.com/documentation/learning-management/uncanny-learndash-groups/

    Using just a tag as a trigger, there’s no way to set the group name. We’d have to do something automatic… like a sequential number. I feel like it might be weird for the customer to get a message like “Welcome to Group 17!”

    Any thoughts on how to handle that?

  2. The manual process I have used inthe past is to use “firstname’s group”

    More recently, I’ve been trying to build the automation that asks them to name the Group on signing up, hold this in a customer field in CRM, then use this to populate the Group name.

    I’ve used Uncanny Automator to do this in the past.

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