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find users that have no CRM record and fix them

Business Use case: Sometimes CRM API's don't work properly, they time-out, experience outages, have problems, cause errors, etc… When this happens, the records make it in to WordPress properly, but don't always make it (get created or updated) in the CRM. Would love to have an Admin Utilities Tab with a number of functions that takes care of this by scheduling these tasks in the background (as there may be a large number of accounts to operate on). There are already a number of radio buttons with tasks available – how about moving those to the Admin Utilities Tab (new tab)? 1) Create an Utilities Tab 2) add a button: list records that have no CRM record (ie: no CRM tags in the database) 3) add an admin button to either: create in CRM or find & link in CRM The "create" is sometimes preferred because it adds specific tags that aren't on the account – even if it exists in the CRM already. So that: we don't have to do this manually.

Under Review Category: Core Feature Enhancements Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: March 6, 2024

1 thought on “find users that have no CRM record and fix them”

  1. Hi Dan, this is already possible actually:

    1. Go to the All Users list and filter by No Contact ID: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/getting-started/working-with-tags/#tags-in-the-admin-users-list

    This will show any users that don’t have a contact record.

    2. On any single user’s admin profile you can click “Create Contact Record” and this will create and/or link a user with a contact.

    3. Go to Settings >> WP Fusion >> Advanced and run an Export Users operation: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/tutorials/batch-operations/#export-users

    This will create contact records in the CRM for any users who don’t currently have one.

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