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FooEvents – Multi/Select Dates Support

Passing along of all date and time fields when using a Multi-Day event to allow for automations to be triggered for each day of the event.

Accepted Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements zhankinscb shared this idea Updated: November 7, 2023

7 thoughts on “FooEvents – Multi/Select Dates Support”

    1. Something like that yeah, keep in mind each day has the capability to have its own start and end time.

      Purpose is to be able to automate actions based on each day of the event – reminders, day specific information, review requests, etc…

      1. It makes sense. My worry is that we might end up adding dozens of fields to the list when only a few of them would be used.

        How are your event dates structured? Would it be possible to sync the date of the first event, and then use timers in an automation to send emails relevant to the other events?

        I.e. Wait 3 days after Event Date One and send email at 8am

        Wait 3 more days and send second email at 8am

        This kind of thing. Then you could also see where each person is in the automation flow rather than having to use a bunch of different automations with triggers.

        1. It varies by the customer, some are simple where that kind of timer style has worked previously, as sometimes the event days are back to back.

          However sometimes the events are spaced out more sporadically like a week apart for example (With the same Event – Class) to account for people with different schedules. This would require reworking of the automations for every time the event date structure changes.

          1. Ok. And you know that editing the events in FooEvents would not retroactively update the custom fields for people who had already registered for that event, right? It’s only synced when they register.

            So if you’re editing existing events it would still need to be manually updated in AC.

  1. Right, not the intention. Its one sign up for multiple dates. Just the dates vary in distance apart.

    So the class is two segements, monday and tuesday for example, or a different product (same class) being shorter segments on 4 sequential fridays.

    Just looking for the selectdate information to be sent over on signup.

  2. I can see where some users might find the ability to trigger for each day of a multi-day scheduled event useful (e.g. a reminder before a class that occurs every Tuesday for a 3 month period). My use case for wanting the additional date information is to be able to automate sending of post event follow-ups (like surveys) after an event has concluded (e.g. after the last date).
    Remember that FooEvents allows for different configurations of dates: Single Days, Multiple Days in a sequence (e.g. 3 days in a row), and Individually selected days (the Tuesdays over a period of time); and different configurations of time (same time every day, individually selected times per day).

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