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Form Submission: Tag Based Actions

Would like: "actions" to run based on TAGS on a user.
Integration with: Formidable Forms, GravityForms, wsForms – they all have "actions" on form create and form update.

Technical case: execute action WHEN user is logged in, and user (filling in the form) has tag X & Y (multi-tag and condition)
Business use case: logged-in user fills in form, and I only want submissions from those that have tag X and Y.

Workaround: don't allow users to access the page containing the form UNLESS they have the proper tags.

However – by having the tag checks on the actions themselves, we can construct "different actions for the same form" based on different tags, without "restricting form access" and without "creating a bunch of different forms on different pages" for different actions.

this can be done using GravityFlow.io (for the most part), but not in Formidable or wsForms

Hope this makes sense?

Under Review Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: May 11, 2021

2 thoughts on “Form Submission: Tag Based Actions”

  1. Just a follow up: Limit Submissions from GravityWiz (Perks) does a good job, but doesn’t limit submission based on Tag (or multiple tags). If you speak with the good folks over at GravityWiz, to incorporate wpFusion tag (inside a filter / callback), I’m sure Limit Submissions can be extended to limit by tag / not tag.


    1. This is technically possible and I can see the use-case… but it’s a big overhaul since it should really be done for all of our form integrations.

      At the moment you’re the only one requesting it so we can’t justify such a big undertaking but we’ll definitely leave this here in review in case anyone else is looking for the same 🙂

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