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generate woocommerce subscription or order when tag X is applied

We have a use case: LearnDash Group Leader > Uploads CSV list of students > creates new user accounts > assigns Group Tag X when enrolling each student Plugins used: LearnDash, WisdmLabs Groups, WooCommerce, wpFusion We would like to: automatically generate an order, with a subscription where the line-item is the group where "Link with Tag X" is applied, for each enrolled student. In the admin / config panels somewhere (probably on the LearnDash group side) – assign the wooCommerce Product that is to be assigned as a line item/order when a student is enrolled. Workaround: Custom code, or AutomatorWP or Uncanny Automator, or Zapier, or CRM + webhooks and Rest API calls All the best

Under Review Category: Enhanced Ecommerce Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: January 31, 2024

3 thoughts on “generate woocommerce subscription or order when tag X is applied”

  1. That’s a better usecase for one of the automator plugins, if they can do it.

    It’s a lot of work to create orders based on tag changes, and I don’t imagine many of our customers need to create pending orders that would still need to be reviewed by an admin and paid for anyway.

    1. Makes sense, in our case – we are granting a free yearly subscription product – so nothing would need to be paid. I found this code:

      Looks solid, and fairly simple for us – I might go try to build this myself.

      I can understand the complexities – especially if the product costs money. i guess i was thinking of this in the simplest of ways.

      maybe? how about this: when User Logs in – AND they have tag X then re-direct them to Page Y (add-to-cart URL to complete the purchase and doesn’t remove the tag until purchase is complete). This would work for all products, including free ones.

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