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GravityFlow Step Integration

The wpFusion FEEDS are really cool integration for tagging on the form submitter. That said: what we need is: a TAG assignment during the step processing inside GravityFlow.

Use Case #1: Form Filling for Legal Contracts, where email addresses and users are added to the form (these individuals are NOT the form submitter). In this case, we need to add special tags to these "people" (first,last, email) and send that info to the CRM – ie: this person is a contract signatory, this other person is a financial signatory, etc…

These "other individuals" on the form need different tags, and need to be recorded in the CRM, but are never created as a user, and will never be the "form submitter". That said, there are a series of steps that have to happen in a workflow sense, before "approval" of the form. Only after approval, should these people's information be sent to the CRM – hence the use of a GravityFlow Step.

Use Case #2: we have a form that assigns a digital certificate to an individual (a company representative), the person that submits the form is a valid user. But again, the form has to go through a series of steps to be "approved". Once approved, we need to add the digital certificate owner to the CRM, and tag them appropriately.

Issue: Feeds only operate on the submission of the form, and do not "wait" for appropriate steps in GravityFlow to execute (ie: approval status in a step).

Proposal: Integrate wpFusion tagging action as a custom gravityflow step – to be placed in the workflow, execute at the appropriate times, and set the tagging as necessary.


Under Review Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: August 3, 2023

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