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Hello, I need a hook or integration with WPDiscuz

I am about to launch a website and need the ability to trigger an email in FluentCRM when a user enters a comment in WPDiscuz. The system is to help people become financially free in 2-4 years, part time and they can't use their own money. the 1st part is to find a penny and double it 10 times in 30 days to get to $5.12. Each time they double the penny, at each step of doubling, they enter in how they doubled so others can see and they are moved to the next step. I want to send them an email congratulating them after they enter each step (enter their comment how they did it).

So I am purchased WP Fusion because someone said it integrated into anything, and now find out from your technical support that it doesn't integrate with WPDiscuz and your tech support recommend I come here and request the feature. I am happy to pay someone to add the feature if that will help but need this feature. Let me know if you can do this or know someone that can do it. Thank you in advance – George

Under Review Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements George shared this idea Updated: November 1, 2021

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