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integration with Freemius.com

I know Freemius is not a CRM, but they do have some CRM like qualities. They specialize in selling, delivering, managing software downloads and deployments. They have a full API:

Would love to see some form of integration (ie: hook back to fusion when a user / customer buys a product, etc…) So that I can turn around and integrate that user with a real CRM

Just a thought.

Under Review Category: Plugin Integrations Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: August 14, 2023

7 thoughts on “integration with Freemius.com”

  1. Hey Dan,

    Since WP Fusion can only integrate bi-directionally with a single CRM…. You would need to use Freemius as the primary place to store your contact data and send your email campaigns.

    I don’t feel like Freemius is very well suited for this.

    If you’re trying to sync Freemius with EngageBay, either Zapier or a custom API solution would make more sense than WP Fusion.

    If you are planning to replace EngageBay completely with Freemius let us know and we can explore this further.

  2. Hey Jack,

    1) new potential business (selling wp plugins)
    2) the new business will have no CRM
    3) leverage Freemius as the customer master
    4) maybe integrating with ActiveCampaign for marketing

    Not looking to replace EngageBay with Freemius (EngageBay will stay for our core business).

    I “see” freemius integration at the same level as ThriveCart integration (ie: capturing “we made a sale, and here’s the info for that sale”) ie: freemius fires a webhook (or a series of webhooks from inside – to wpFusion)

    Happy to chat – we can do it over email if you like?


    1. Hmm. We can leave this up and see what the interest is like.

      The ThriveCart integration was really a misstep on our part, and never worked well. I strongly advise against using it.

      If you want to use Freemius as your *only* email marketing tool… then it could be a possible integration, but we aren’t in the business of integrating cloud services with eachother. For that Zapier, Make, or Pabbly are all faster and more reliable.

  3. Hi Jack,

    Makes sense. No worries then, we will use Zapier to integrate it. Appreciate your insights as always. 🙂


  4. Changed my mind – we are using FluentCRM with Freemius. Freemius captures the sales and manages plugin licensing (like EDD). So What I realize is: the integration with Fusion would be similar to integrating with EDD. So now I have two questions: would you be able to integrate with Freemius API in this way? and how’s the FluentCRM integration coming? (should I move FluentCRM to a subsite, or can I integrate directly on the same site – side-by-side with fusion?

  5. Makes sense, thanks Jack. I think??? freemius plugin can integrate with wp-users. I’m asking them if they can integrate with FluentCRM.

    Thanks, No worries.

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