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Memberpress Gift add-on integration

Can we please enable different tagging when the Membership is purchased as a Gift, so that adequate CRM actions can be taken with the gift giver?

This is how the MemberPress Gifting functionality works:
-Gifter ticks the box “this is a gift” when buying a membership
-Gifter then logs-in, finds that he/she does not have a subscription to that membership, but instead has a “gift” that he/she can send to someone (giftee).
-Giftee clicks that link, which takes him/her to a checkout page without any payment details to enter.

Current WP Fusion behaviour:
-The “Apply Tag” of the Membership are applied to the Gifter, whereas Gifter is not subscribing to the membership for themselves (they don’t get access to member-only content).
-When Giftee redeems their gift, there is no specific tagging available to tag them as having received a gift.

Desired WP Fusion behaviour:
Prio 1/ Ability to apply a different tag when someone purchases the Membership as a gift for another person.
Prio 2/ Ability to apply an extra/specific tag to someone who received the Membership as a gift (to differentiate them from those who bought the membership themselves).

Accepted Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Nicolas REMY shared this idea Updated: October 31, 2023

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