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Microsoft Dynamics 365

CRM integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Under Review Category: CRM Integrations Jack Arturo shared this idea Updated: October 22, 2020

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics 365”

    1. We looked into it back in April. It turned out to be too complicated to make it work, for now.

      I even bought GravityPerks because they have a Dynamics integration, thought we could copy some of that. But I wasn’t even able to get that working, I got this message “AADSTS650051: Using application ‘CRM Perks Dynamics’ is currently not supported for your organization verygoodplugins.com because it is in an unmanaged state. ”

      And then trying to “manage” our domain got me into a weird redirect loop deep inside of Microsoft’s side of the internet. Their site kept crashing, things wouldn’t save, etc. It was really weird. So I couldn’t ever even get GravityPerks to connect.

      I hear it’s a good system but we’d probably need to bring on a Microsoft-certified developer just to sort it out. Their docs are really bad and API application management screens are super confusing.

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