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Microsoft Dynamics 365

CRM integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Completed Category: CRM Integrations Jack Arturo shared this idea Updated: February 22, 2022

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics 365”

    1. We looked into it back in April. It turned out to be too complicated to make it work, for now.

      I even bought GravityPerks because they have a Dynamics integration, thought we could copy some of that. But I wasn’t even able to get that working, I got this message “AADSTS650051: Using application ‘CRM Perks Dynamics’ is currently not supported for your organization verygoodplugins.com because it is in an unmanaged state. ”

      And then trying to “manage” our domain got me into a weird redirect loop deep inside of Microsoft’s side of the internet. Their site kept crashing, things wouldn’t save, etc. It was really weird. So I couldn’t ever even get GravityPerks to connect.

      I hear it’s a good system but we’d probably need to bring on a Microsoft-certified developer just to sort it out. Their docs are really bad and API application management screens are super confusing.

  1. This is complete and was released in WPF v3.38.43 — https://wpfusion.com/documentation/installation-guides/how-to-connect-dynamics-365-marketing-to-wordpress/

    I’d consider it a beta at this point…. there’s some stuff that we’re not 100% sure about yet. i.e. at the moment we’re using Marketing Lists instead of Tags for segmentation, but it may make more sense to add an option for using Segments instead, if the API supports it.

    But… gotta start somewhere 😀

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