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It’s easy to connect Elementor to ActiveCampaign with WP Fusion, and requires zero coding experience.

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Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder plugin. It lets you build complex pages using a visual, drag-and-drop editor.

With Elementor Pro, you can go further and design your entire theme, insert flexible forms, create popups, and more.

With WP Fusion, you can take the design power of Elementor and connect it to ActiveCampaign. You’ll be able to personalize or restrict access to your Elementor designs using tags and segments from ActiveCampaign.

This helps you create more personalized experiences in your Elementor designs or even build your own membership site using tags from ActiveCampaign.


Connecting WordPress and Elementor to ActiveCampaign is easy. Just install WP Fusion and authorize your WordPress site with ActiveCampaign in just a few minutes:

That’s it!

Now, your WordPress site is connected to ActiveCampaign and you’re ready to start using tags from ActiveCampaign in your Elementor designs.

Sync form entries to ActiveCampaign

With WP Fusion you can send Elementor form submissions to ActiveCampaign.

When editing any Elementor form, choose WP Fusion in the Actions After Submit dropdown. A panel will appear where you can set up field mapping between your form fields and fields in ActiveCampaign.

You can also select tags to be applied in ActiveCampaign when the form is submitted.

For more details on the Elementor Forms integration, check out the documentation.

Restrict Access to Widgets

With WP Fusion, you can control whether or not Elementor widgets display based on a user’s tags in ActiveCampaign.

You can use this to completely restrict access to your site based on a user’s tags or create personalized experiences where users see different widgets depending on their tags in ActiveCampaign.

To set this up, you’ll get a new WP Fusion tab in the Advanced tab of any Elementor widget, where you can display a widget to all users who do or don’t have a specific tag:

You can also control whether or not untagged guests can view widgets.

Display Popups Based on Tags

If you’re using Elementor Pro to create popups, you can use tags in ActiveCampaign as a display condition for your Elementor popups.

When you go to publish a popup, you’ll get a new rule in the Advanced Rules tab that lets you show or hide a popup based on one or more tags in ActiveCampaign:

Filter Post Queries

With Elementor Pro’s Posts and Portfolio widgets, you can display content from any post type on your WordPress site.

With WP Fusion, you’re able to filter those queries based on a user’s tags in ActiveCampaign. For example, if a user doesn’t have access to a post because of their tags in ActiveCampaign, that user won’t see the restricted post in the query results.

With WP Fusion, you can create a tight ActiveCampaign — Elementor integration that lets you personalize and/or restrict your Elementor designs based on each visitor’s tags in ActiveCampaign.

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