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Connect WPForms to Dynamics 365 Marketing

It’s easy to connect WPForms to Dynamics 365 Marketing with WP Fusion, and requires zero coding experience.

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WPForms is a popular and highly-rated WordPress plugin for building forms.

Create 100% mobile-responsive forms quickly, in just a few minutes – the drag-and-drop builder is easy to set up and use, even for beginners. Create most-wanted form types, including contact, payment and registration forms, plus surveys and newsletters, and choose from over 100 templates to get started fast. With the CSS add-on, you can customize the look of your form, too. Then, embed your finished form in WordPress blog posts, pages or widgets.

You’re probably using Dynamics 365 Marketing to organize contact data, improve the user experience, and earn loyal customers and fans.

With WP Fusion, you can connect WPForms to Dynamics 365 Marketing so that you’re able to sync contact data and keep the latest information available, no matter what tool you’re using. Plus, WPForms automatically blocks out spam submissions, so the only data you’ll sync is the data you actually need for your business.

By tagging users in Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can create hyper-focused segments and automation rules to offer a better experience and encourage more engagement or sales.

Using WP Fusion to connect Dynamics 365 Marketing to WPForms and WordPress is easy. Simply install WP Fusion and authorize your WordPress site with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Once you have a form created with WPForms, you’ll select “Add New Connection” in the Marketing section, then set corresponding CRM fields for the form fields. This tells Dynamics 365 Marketing where and how to store your form data.

Save and Organize Form Data to Your CRM

Whenever a form is added or updated, Dynamics 365 Marketing contact will be created or updated, too. You can also apply custom tags, allowing you to organize contacts however you wish.

Create Conditional Logic Rules

Conditional logic settings will auto-apply tags based on the values entered in the form. For example, if someone enters their city and state in the form – let’s say Los Angeles, CA – with conditional logic, you can have a tag like “los angeles” auto-applied for that location.

With WP Fusion, you can create a deep integration for Dynamics 365 Marketing – WPForms and do more with the rich data you collect.

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It doesn't stop with WPForms

WP Fusion integrates over 100 WordPress plugins bidirectionally with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

With integrations like WooCommerce, LearnDash, LifterLMS, MemberPress, Gravity Forms and BuddyBoss, you can start doing more with the tools you already use.

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