Menu Item Visibility


You may want to control visibility of WordPress menu items using tags in WP Fusion. The easiest way to do this is to go to the WP Fusion settings and check the box for Hide from Menus. This will automatically hide any menu items that a user doesn’t have access to, based on the access rules configured for that page.

Other options

We’re currently exploring options for building WP Fusion settings into WordPress’ admin menu editor tool, but since this interface can already be very confusing and slow to use, we’ve been hesitant to add additional settings to every menu item.

If you need to control menu item visibility based on a user’s tags, we’ve had good success with the Menu Item Visibility Control plugin. You can then use WP Fusion’s PHP API to control menu item visibility. For example,

wp_fusion()->user->has_tag( 'Paying Member' )

would only show the menu item to logged in users who have the “Paying Member” tag. More information on the has_tag() function can be found here here.