Using WP Fusion with ThriveCart you can create a success URL pointed at your site that will create a new WordPress user and log them in so they can access their purchased content.


First enable the setting for ThriveCart Auto Login from the Advanced settings tab in WP Fusion.

Then in ThriveCart on the Fulfillment tab for your product, choose Send them to a URL for the What should happen after purchase?  setting.

An example URL will look like

There are a few parts to this

  • This is the URL to your website. It can be the home page or any other page on your site.
  • ?wpf_action=thrivecart: This tells WP Fusion to receive the data from ThriveCart, create a new user, and log them in.
  • &access_key=: This is the access key from the bottom of the General settings tab in WP Fusion.
  • &apply_tags=: Here you can optionally specify tags to be applied for the new user, for example to unlock content or trigger an automated enrollment.
  • You can use either tag IDs or tag names, but if you use tag names spaces must be replaced with %20 or else ThriveCart won’t recognize the URL. Multiple tags can be separated with commas.

How it works

When a customer checks out they’ll click the link to be taken to your site. When WP Fusion detects the ThriveCart link it will create a new user based on the details provided at checkout.

The new user will be added to your active CRM, and any tags you’ve specified will be applied.

The new user will automatically be logged in and able to access their purchased content.

If a user already exists with the same email then the new tags will be applied and the existing user will be logged in.


A random password will be generated for the new user.

If you’ve enabled the setting for Return Password from the WP Fusion settings then this password will be sent back to the specified custom field in your CRM.

You can then send the user a welcome email containing their password.