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MemberPress abandoned cart tag gets applied too quickly – add delay/step

A while ago I emailed to let you know that I’d realised that as soon as a user puts in their email on our cart, WPF abandoned cart gets triggered.

As I also mentioned, when Chrome autofills with the wrong information, this is the email that WPF starts sending abandoned messages to.

That becomes a problem if a user then erases the chrome autofill and adds a different email to signup for membership.

We’ve been having this problem with duplicate emails a lot since we added your functionality.

So we end up with members getting two emails.

WPF abandoned cart emails to whatever email chrome autofilled first
Membership onboarding to whatever email they actually used to sign up

I wonder: this must be affecting other users of your software?

The simple solution, to me, would be to add an option in your settings that the cart abandoned tag is only applied when users proceed to the second step of the 2-step cart.

That gives them time to add the correct email and be a hot enough lead that they have clicked the first step in the process (ie. more likely to buy eventually).

Updated and clarified (by Jack): Add an option with MemberPress abandoned cart tracking so that abandoned cart actions aren’t run until the second step of the checkout.

Completed Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Tim Topham shared this idea Updated: February 7, 2022

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