Abandoned Cart Tracking Overview


WP Fusion’s Abandoned Cart addon works with:

to automatically add customers to your CRM when they begin checking out on your store.

After the customer’s name and email have been entered, the customer is added as a contact to your CRM (even if they don’t complete the checkout).

The Abandoned Cart addon is available with Plus and Professional licenses.

This addon has four options:

  • Recovery URL: You can specify a custom field in your CRM to store a cart recovery URL. This field can then be merged into an email message. When the link is clicked, the customer will be taken to your checkout with their cart contents restored.
  • Value Field: You can specify a custom field in your CRM to store the total value of the cart contents. When the abandoned cart actions run this value will be updated, and after checkout it will be set back to zero.
  • Apply TagsYou can specify tags to be applied to the customer, which can trigger sequences in your CRM to follow up with customers who didn’t complete a purchase. Tags can also be configured for specific products while editing each product.
  • Trigger on Add to Cart: This lets you start the abandoned cart process for logged in users when they add a product to the cart (instead of at checkout).



The general strategy for tracking abandoned carts with WP Fusion is to set it to apply tags when a checkout has started.

Because the addon will remove those tags when checkout is completed, you can user timers and logic in your CRM to identify customers who started checkout but haven’t yet completed it.

The Abandoned Cart addon works with all of our CRM integrations. See the other articles in this section for more specific strategies for tracking abandoned carts for specific CRMs.