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BuddyBoss – Copy tags from parent group to subgrups.

Would be awesome if we can have an “activate tag on subgroups”, and it will copy any required tags from parent to subgroups.

That way, we can let user create subgroups on the front that will include tags automatically.

Completed Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Soren shared this idea Updated: April 8, 2024

5 thoughts on “BuddyBoss – Copy tags from parent group to subgrups.”

  1. Fantastic concept! This would allow parent users, who buy courses, to give access to their children, right?

    Because if the parent buys a course, and then gets the tag, then their child in the subgroup will also have the tag, too. This would allow the parent and child to have different logins, and for the parent to have the freedom to use BuddyBoss in their own way, whilst allowing the kid/subgroup to have access to the course element only.

    Just need a way to create subgroups on the front, and assign users. You could look at Parent Student Access by HonorsWP for code inspiration 🙂

    Please implement! Such a good idea.

    1. Yup it could be used in that way 🙂

      Though this will be an admin-only change. It would still be up to you to pick a plugin that allows creating subgroups on the frontend.

      Parent Student Access is a good one, we also like Uncanny Groups, and WISDM Group Registration.

    2. Hi Peter

      That is good use case scenario.

      What we do, we sell teaching lessons, we use automatorWP to automatically create a groups for the student and the teacher (hence we would like this feature to get tags in the groups ny automatic)

      You could automatize the child group creation automatically as well, example, the parent can fill a form adding the children, and they will create the user for the children and groups for the children automatically) so no need for front end group creation. Not sure if that would work for you, just an idea.

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