WP Fusion will automatically send new BuddyPress users to your CRM.

Any custom fields created with the BuddyPress profile fields editor will show up under the Contact Fields tab in the WP Fusion settings, and you can map them to any field in your CRM. Once selected, any updates to the user’s profile will automatically be synced.

Updating Roles

You can set or update a user’s BuddyPress role via a webhook from your CRM. WP Fusion requires the BuddyPress internal role value to be passed for the ?role= parameter in your webhook. Below are the values for the default BuddyPress roles

  • Participant: bbp_participant
  • Moderator: bbp_moderator
  • Blocked: bbp_blocked
  • Spectator: bbp_spectator
  • Keymaster: bbp_keymaster


WP Fusion also supports BuddyPress Groups. You can specify a tag to be “linked” to this group. When the user is added to the group, the tag will be applied. When the user is removed from the group, the tag will be removed. Likewise, applying this tag to a user in your CRM or from another integration will automatically add the user to the group.