HubSpot Overview


WP Fusion’s Ecommerce Addon (available for Plus and Professional license holders) supports sending ecommerce transaction data as Deals to your HubSpot account, for sales made in WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

Getting Started

Once you install the addon, Deals will automatically be added to Hubspot when someone makes a purchase on your site. The default stage for new deals is Sales Pipeline » Closed Won, but you can change this via the Addons tab in the WP Fusion settings.

If you’ve just added a new pipeline or stage, click Resynchronize on the Setup tab to load the latest values.

How it Works

When a customer checks out on your site, WP Fusion will create a new deal in Hubspot with the order label, date, and invoice total. This sale data will be associated with the contact record who made the purchase.

How it Looks

WooCommerce order data in Hubspot.